NXT Report

Connect Business NXT by Visma with Excel, Power BI or Google Sheets, and access your data like you used to with Visma Business On-Premise. Utilize AI GraphQL query generation to get the data you need.

Start by asking for the data you need and we'll generate a GraphQL query for you.

Benefits of NXT Report

Discover the benefits of using NXT Report for Business NXT

Cloud Based

Access your reports from anywhere. Secure them with an api-key, email-address and password, or/and by IP address.


Seamless integration with Business NXT for Excel, Power BI or Google Sheets. Create your report and create a link you can use directly in your spreadsheet or Power BI. The connection is live and always up to date.

AI Powered

AI GraphQL query generation for efficient reporting. Just describe the data you want to query and we'll generate a GraphQL query for you.

AI Query Creation Preview

See how easy it is to create a query with NXT Report and then pull the data into Excel.

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